Passing On The Torch

It has come time for us to leave this Fine Institution and The California Torch behind. It is in the hands of new and capable editors, who we hope will carry the Torch until they graduate.

We hope you have enjoyed our articles as much as we have enjoyed writing them. While Caltech is not an easy place to live or work, the Torch has been a fruitful platform to express our love and hate. Of the nearly forty articles we’ve posted in the last three years, some of our favorites were: Alligator Approved to Return to Caltech Turtle Pond, Commencement Cancelled After Failing to Complete Event Registration, and Caltech: “It’s Spelled Cal Tech”

We believe that The Torch belongs to the Caltech community. As always, if you are interested in contributing, email If we don’t respond, blame the new kids!



Sue, Mars, and Lee


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