Rotation to Happen Termly

In response to concerns from RAs and RLCs, the Student Affairs Office has announced that Rotation will occur for the first two weeks of each term. At the end of each Rotation, all undergraduates will rank all eight houses and be assigned a new house to live in.

VPSA Joe Shepherd, C. L. “Kelly” Johnson Professor of Aeronautics and Mechanical Engineering, Peace Be Upon Him, explained the reasoning behind this change:

Many administrators feel that students don’t have enough knowledge of the Houses after only two weeks of Rotation. After this change, all undergraduates will experience a total of 24 weeks of rotation over four years, which should be enough for them to rank the Houses in a knowledgeable fashion by the time they graduate.

Above: Vice President of Student Affairs, Joe Shepherd, Peace Be Upon Him

The overall impact on students is expected to be minor, as they “don’t have that much stuff anyway” and will have no trouble moving into a different room each term.

Shepherd also announced that student-athletes would be expected to return from winter break by December 25th in order to participate in pre-season athletics.

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