2 “Avery Freshmen” Found to be Confused PCC Students

On Tuesday, administration confirmed that two members of Avery’s freshman class of 2020 are in fact Pasadena City College students. Both freshmen have been attending classes, making friends, and living in Avery House since September of 2016. The mishap was discovered by Caltech administrators on Tuesday while conducting an audit of on-campus housing in preparation for Bechtel.

One of the freshmen agreed to speak with The Torch anonymously.

“This is a really big mistake,” said the freshman, who requested anonymity. “It’s just insanity. I don’t understand how we could’ve gotten so confused about such a big thing.” As of yesterday, she was still in talks with administrators about transferring credits.

Caltech administrators responded to questions on Wednesday, attributing the mistake in enrollment to “human error”. University officials say they are committed to improving internal procedures, to avoid a repeat of this mistake.

PCC is a mere two minutes walk from Caltech, but can seem like a world away. Will this PCC freshman miss Caltech? “Absolutely- thank you so much to all the friends I made here! I’m going to miss everybody a lot.”

The other freshman has not been notified yet.

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