Caltech Junior Loses Toes, Fingers to Froshbite

A growing number of brave upperclassmen are walking through communal areas, braving froshbite and worse, driven by fears of missing dinner.

The enormous risk was highlighted last weekend by a Caltech junior’s tragic loss of three toes and two fingers. On Tuesday, Vivan Singh, ’18, offered to tell his story to The Torch:

I was passing through a communal area, when I saw some permafrosh lying on the ground. I thought to myself, how bad could it be? I mean, it didn’t feel like I was out there for that long. But, once I returned to my room, I discovered that my fingers and toes had turned grey.

Vivan had some words of wisdom to share, as well.

I learned my lesson, and I want to share it: be careful of frosh. Even a little bit can be harmful.

As a caution, and a reminder, The Torch is sharing the most common symptoms of froshbite.

  • A dysfunctional sleep schedule
  • A distorted perception of time
  • Slurred speech, such as: “piff, piff”
  • Marked drowsiness

Seek a doctor immediately if you believe you have experienced froshbite.


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