So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish

A new year, a new class of frosh… and a new Torch.

We’ve had a blast running the Torch – while we haven’t always been the most frequent or consistent posters, it’s been a fun place to blow off steam and talk about the place we all love and hate so much. But as all three of our editors graduated in June, it’s time to pass the Torch along.

We’ve always believed that the Torch should be news primarily for and by current students. As alumni, we are inherently more out of touch with the current climate on campus (though some issues seem to be timeless). We’re looking for someone to take over management of the Torch and continue providing sass and snark to the Caltech community.

If you’re interested, shoot an email to so we can talk more. If there is no interest in continuing the Torch, it will die a natural death.

Keep sticking it to the man,

Hermione, Lester, and Sam


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