Chouse Fryer Memorial Plaque to be Dedicated

Over two years after being removed for “health code violations,” the Caltech Chouse Fryer is getting the recognition many believe it deserves. An institution on the Caltech campus for years, the Fryer fed the multitude of students kept up late by their heavy workloads. Said one former student who used to enjoy food from the Fryer, “I remember Caltech as a crushing black hole of sadness. The chouse fryer was a miraculous ray of light that could magically escape that black hole and make life a little better.”

The Fryer supplemented the non-fast-food-style options offered by Chouse with what Senior Margot Stevenson described as “warm, delicious, greasy treats sure to satisfy late-night cravings.” By providing snacks like french fries and chicken tenders on campus, students were saved the trouble of traveling to Pasadena fast food establishments, most of which are located multiple Averys away. Having these options available on campus also mimicked the food availability seen at peer institutions, which often host fast food establishments in their dining areas.

According to sources close to him, Caltech President Thomas “Tom the Bomb” F. Rosenbaum felt strongly about starting his second academic year as President of the Institute by honoring the Fryer. Said one insider, “Even though the fryer was no longer in use once he arrived at Caltech, President Rosenbaum recognizes its importance to the Caltech community. Many current and former student leaders have spoken to him about their experiences with the beloved Fryer, and since bringing back the Fryer is as likely as getting a reliable connection from BeaverNet, he decided the memorial is the next best thing.”

Many current and former students will be attending the memorial on Friday. “It’s a pity that the memorial has taken so long to be created,” said Timothy Rodriguez, who was a freshman when the fryer was shut down. “Most of the current students weren’t even here when we lost the Chouse Fryer and have no idea what incredible dining options they’ve missed out on. Luckily, lots of alumni are coming to the dedication and will be able to share fond memories about the Fryer with those who didn’t get to experience it.”

The memorial plaque will be located in the Hameetman Center, the former home of the Fryer. It will be the first plaque at Caltech to commemorate a food preparation tool.

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